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Why American Chinese Food Deserves Respect (And Why the MSG Fear is a Hoax)
Why American Chinese Food Deserves Respect (And Why the MSG Fear is a Hoax)

นอกจากการดูข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับบทความนี้แล้ว Why American Chinese Food Deserves Respect (And Why the MSG Fear is a Hoax) สามารถดูและอ่านข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ด้านล่าง

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#American #Chinese #Food #Deserves #Respect #MSG #Fear #Hoax.

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Why American Chinese Food Deserves Respect (And Why the MSG Fear is a Hoax).

peking restaurant.

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38 thoughts on “Why American Chinese Food Deserves Respect (And Why the MSG Fear is a Hoax) | ข้อมูลรายละเอียดมากที่สุดเกี่ยวกับpeking restaurant

  1. Beep boop says:

    This video actually made me think about my own culture and its food.
    I was born and raised in a small but multicultural county. And various cuisines are considered part of the diet here. Everything from Turkish to Japanese to Italian etc etc etc. I grew up with pasta salads and pizza, Sushi and Chinese takeout, Belgian fries (and fried meats), American hotdogs, the typical potato-meat-vegetable meals and oftentimes even Indonesian food.

    It made me curious what actually originated in my culture and what was brought with immigrants or through trade.

  2. Dr. Quarex says:

    I misheard "strategic" incompetence as something profane and immediately subscribed because it was such a brutal takedown, though even as-is it is pretty great, haha. Also I am the proud owner of an MSG shaker because I suddenly found myself wondering about MSG about a decade ago and got so mad about how it was pretty much just racism with a side of confusion.

  3. Yan Su says:

    The concluding remarks brought me to tears. I teach Chinese language arts and social studies in Massachusetts. In our unit about lunar new year, we talked about “authenticity” of food. My students are culturally diverse and they were all super engaged in that conversation. Will definitely show this in the class!!

  4. Julian-Chris Reyes says:

    I'm part Chinese, but never grew up around Chinese culture (in the US). When I went to college, I joined the Chinese Student Association and made many Chinese friends. My more Americanized Chinese friends thought Panda was "fake Chinese food" and hated it, as well with other local Chinese restaurants. My more traditional Chinese friends LOVED Panda and every Chinese restaurant around. It was so strange witnessing this first-hand.

  5. i. says:

    meanwhile, the most popular asian restaurants here in poland are vietnamese ones! mainly because of lots of immigrants coming here from vietnam in the 90s. pretty much every neighbourhood in major cities has a bunch of these places, the food is always very affordable and especially beloved by students (like me!)

  6. Caitlin Koi says:

    I remember saying "I loooove Mexican food!" and someone told me "you've never HAD Mexican food" since I've never been to Mexico, and that never sat right with me.
    Also, it is so insane that the fears of the spooooky MSG are so prevalent that I remember being taught how to say "please don't add MSG"《别放味精》in Chinese class in high school. Despite being top of my class in writing and reading, I struggled with speaking the tones, yet《别放味精》is one of the only full sentences I remember how to say. But I have no idea why, I've never even had a negative opinion of MSG, it just stuck in my memory somehow. Oh, and of course《我可以去卫生间吗?》

    As for factory farms that serve cats and dogs, I still feel differently about them than I do pigs or cows. It's no surprise that it's a cultural thing, but I feel it goes beyond just Western culture. Dogs have been domesticated as companions for tens of thousands of years, evolving in ways specifically meant to appeal to human emotion. Modern domesticated dogs have eyebrow muscles not found in wolves or other wild canids, because of its appeal to human emotion furthering the breeding of those features. Domesticated cats have learned to meow for humans, despite rarely meowing after kittenhood without human contact. Those two species have evolved alongside humans in a way more personal and familial than other animals, even though people can keep pigs and cows as pets.
    Another emotion that is brought up when I imagine dogs in factory farms is that domesticated dogs have an heir of innocence to them. Because of their domestication they are often reliant on humans for care. I've heard at least two different true crime stories of people being eaten alive by pigs on farms. My ex's favourite animals were cows, and his family owned a pet pig, yet he still ate meat, his reason being, "I will eat anything that could kill me."

    All this being said I still don't condone the racist judgement of these practices. Being in the west I have a cultural sensitivity to the idea of eating dogs and cats. But, I do eat beef, and I think about how if I had grown up in India, in a culture that has great respect for cows, maybe I would feel differently. And in the end, whole cultures should never be judged by single aspects. I don't believe there is a right to condemn ANY culture, since culture itself is like a growing organism, ever changing and evolving, and there's always going to be good and bad, and "good and bad" itself will always be subjective.

    Anyway I've ranted enough, I love this video.

  7. Hyung Kyu Lee says:

    hahaha Lucky Lee's that's hilarious. turns out Lee is the Jewish husband of the nutritionist lady who's so lucky he became Asian. you got anything good going a white woman will come and steal it. for real real. I applaud the can do attitude. American idealism at its best. fake it till you make it. just do it.

  8. Amalie Lindén says:

    I would like to add that the whole "It's no more bizarre than what icelandic/greenlandic people eat" is sadly not the most correct point to make, as native icelandics and greenlanders have gone through genocide and governmental testing, abuse, negligence, etc. all because they're ALSO seen as "dirty", "sub-humans", or "barbaric" for their culture and especially what they eat. Till this day, a whole lot of greenlanders still haven't gotten proper compensation for their trauma or what the government of denmark did to them (or anyone else they sent to greenland.. Like my grandfather who was sent to greenland to work, but was exposed to so much radiation that he died very few years after my dads birth).

    So trust me, Iceland and Greenland get persecuted just as much for what they eat, and theyre seen as "grusome murderers" by the other white countries (ofc some of that is also linked to racism of native people).. It sadly wasnt the point to include them..

    However France isnt looked down upon or discriminated against for serving snails and frogs, and so that was the correct place to point to, in order to call out the double standard !!! I would also point to England with stuff like blood pudding seen as "odd but fine" while if it came from China, it would most likely be labelled "unsanitary" or "barbaric" again.
    But yea, sadly theres also high discrimination within Europe, so I wouldnt mention native countries like Iceland and Greenland again as being "excempt" because they experienced brutal inhumane treatment as well

  9. Ash Kitt says:

    If you haven't done a video on it yet, do you plan on making a video on the phenomenon of us Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas Day and where this relationship came from?
    Maybe as a collaboration with someone such as Jacob Geller, who I'm a fan of.

  10. Michael says:

    It's also important however, to distinguish between diaspora food, i.e. what Italian Americans or Chinese Americans cook for themselves, and americanized cuisines, which are dishes adapted to a new culture

  11. Atalante 185 says:

    The duck-blood soup remembers me , that in germany we have a sausage made with with chopped up meat, that is not usable for other specific meat-items and boiled blood. It is called "Rot-oder Blutwurst" (red-or blood sausage) and whenever I tell not germans about that, they say its gross even so they never tried it.
    I can attest, that I ate it since I could eat solid food, and that it is in every way very tasty.

  12. Andrea Gonzalez says:

    This video made me think about tex-mex cuisine and how many Mexican people tend to hate it, I personally don't care much for it, but I think the hate comes from American people thinking Mexican and even Latinamerican food in general are just taco bell..

  13. Bennomite says:

    You're definitely right about different diaspora having different cuisines. Here in Australia it is really different from what they do over in the US. We use a lot more traditionally "Asian" ingredients because they are easy to source due to our proximity to Asia. When I was over in the US I was shocked by the difference in flavour, until my (Chinese) best friend, who I was with at the time, told me about how it differs from place to place.

  14. Rachel F says:

    I've been guilty of this with Mexican-American food. In my defense, I ate a lot of inferior "Mexican" food (that was just the WASP version of Mexican food) growing up, so I thought for a long time that I just didn't like Mexican food. After I learned Spanish and spent a ton of time with the Spanish-speaking community in the US (who were mostly Mexican), I learned that I love both Mexican food and now Mexican-American food.

    This attitude is SO common with Mexican-American food, at least where I live in the US. Foods like burritos, quesadillas, taquitos (those do exist but they're called tacos duros and they're a little different), etc. actually aren't originally from Mexico; they were created by Mexicans living in the United States catering to the different tastes of the people living here. Like the Chinese immigrants mentioned in this video, undocumented immigrants often end up running restaurants due to their limited employment options. They did the best they could with what they had, and the result was delicious! Now a lot of those foods have gone full-circle and appeared back in Mexico.

    I studied abroad in Spain while I was in college and went to a very popular local Mexican restaurant. The restaurant mainly served tacos that weren't what I would call legitimately Mexican (not being Mexican myself but having grown up in a US border state), but they were SO GOOD. It was really cool to see how the Mexicans running the restaurant had adapted their own food to suit the tastes of the local Spanish people, and how the adaptations were different than those I'd tasted in the US. Those were some great tacos.


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